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Bad lag without full use of RAM

  • Last Post 22 October 2018
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CalicoMax posted this 16 October 2018

I'm getting an insane number of server lag errors, "Is the server overloaded? Can't keep up! Running xxsssms or xxx ticks behind" without the RAM being even close to fully utilized. There's 4gb of RAM on the server I'm running and if I'm in an area with more than 100 mobs I start getting terrible lag. According to the server status, the RAM isn't even being half utilized. This has only been a problem since 1.13 was released. I was hoping McMyAdmin would address this, but the problem actually seems worse. How di I get the server to actually use the RAM it has instead of lagging any time I go near some chickens?

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Mike posted this 16 October 2018

The game server uses as much RAM as it needs. If it's lagging behind then it's usually either CPU usage issues or IO. If it's only when there's large numbers of mobs around then the likely issue is that the CPU usage is climbing too much and it can't keep up (which is literally what it's telling you) - consider using a plugin for Spigot or similar that reduces the number of local mobs.

CalicoMax posted this 17 October 2018

Maybe? All I know is, before July we had no problems with the server lagging. Then the update, then we literally had to abandon our entire world because, regardless of mobs, nothing was moving when we logged in. After a few seconds or minutes the server would crash. Since then we have had serious trouble with lag, even small numbers of mobs start the process. This is on the same server as before, why should the CPU now suddenly be such a huge impediment? And why has it gotten worse since the update? What am I supposed to do about this besides using plugins to diminish game performance? I'm just not understanding how it's a CPU issue all of a sudden when there was none before.

Mike posted this 17 October 2018

MCMA doesn't have any control or impact over CPU usage, it just starts the process and reports the usage. So aside from the advice I've already given you I don't really have any other suggestions to offer.

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CalicoMax posted this 17 October 2018

Thanks. We're trying to figure out what our options are from the people we rent the server from.

lout posted this 22 October 2018

This is a 1.13 issue. It's to do with the way the cod AI was integrated into the code base.

I've have heard on the grapevine that 1.13.2 is on it's way out to solve this issue. I have found myself that depending on how much CPU you have will depend on how bad you get hit by the missed ticks issue.

Datapacks seem to increase this issue too.