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Bedrock Minecraft - Updates do not work

  • Last Post 17 July 2019
QueueAK posted this 17 July 2019

I set up a new ADS AMP instance for Minecraft Bedrock/Win10 a couple weeks ago. It was then using 1.11 and really it was a bit of a pain in the rear getting permissions all correct. That needs a good writeup btw.

Now that Bedrock 1.12 is out I hit update and all it does is download 1.11 again. It would be really nice if the Download/Update button actually downloaded the current version and updated. Can this be fixed?

Additionally, there are drop downs for Stable, Dev, Unstable, ... These do nothing. Also the JAR dropdown and Scan JAR, Bedrock has no JAR files that I know of.

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Mike posted this 17 July 2019

Try restarting the AMP Instance. Right now it only checks the list of versions on startup. The other settings are there because the same module is responsible for both the bedrock and java editions.

QueueAK posted this 17 July 2019

No luck there. I update and it only does the 1.11 patch. I manually updated it by copying the 1.12 files in from the zip and it launches but the update will undo that and "update" to 1.11.

Also I have noticed that when it updates the whitelist.json file is overwritten with a blank file which does not help.