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Can no longer connect to MC Servers?

  • Last Post 30 November 2021
Archannad posted this 30 November 2021

Hi all, just recently since returning to Minecraft and dusting off my AMP docker on Unraid (which was previously working flawlessly) I can no longer connect to ANY of my servers, even ones that have had no configuration changes.

Key Details: OS: Unraid 6.9.2 (Docker Container) AMP Version:

So far, I've tried following the guide linked here: to no avail. Whenever I spin up one of the instances and start the server up, the designated port of 25565 is never showing as listening and unfortunately I cannot discern the AMP logs and find the issue myself, hence why I'm coming here after a few days of looking myself. This error persists on a previously used server that has been untouched using port 25570.

I've confirmed this is not isolated to this instance, as I have made brand-new instances and the error is repeatable on my end. The error I get on my client is the following: connection refused

This is despite being on the same network, and with all necessary ports forwarded for good measure.

Mike posted this 30 November 2021

You're using an unsupported configuration (Unraid with an unofficial container) - please contact the maintainer of that image for support.