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Can't detect CPU/RAM uasge with CS:GO server, error connect with Console also.

  • Last Post 05 August 2019
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YoumuKonpaku posted this 04 August 2019

Server OS: Windows Server 2016 AMP Version: 1832 I created a CSGO dedicated server, it can start and update scrds.

But when the server started, Web panel can't detect CPU/RAM usage, and nothing shows in Console page.

As well, when I want to kill the server, Abort button doesn't work.

When the server says "Server need up to date.", AMP can't auto update.

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YoumuKonpaku posted this 04 August 2019

When I start server, it only shows Abort button rather than other buttons.

Mike posted this 05 August 2019

Make sure the CSGO server is bound to an actual IP address rather than or

YoumuKonpaku posted this 05 August 2019

I think I have set it to and it's noly and for select.

And when I type quit in scrd console, AMP knows the server has been killed.

YoumuKonpaku posted this 05 August 2019

I have found the cause why it can't listen srcd correctly!!

I have changed IP binding from to then to again, it fixed!

I think this is a bug that the default is actually