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Cant login to AMP on linux

  • Last Post 29 September 2021
KeithIsHere posted this 29 September 2021

So i am having problems updating my AMP system. I have a linux server running with AMP installed. I need to update AMP in order to create new instances but i cant update it from the web interface, i have to do it on the physical machine. Not a problem except i cant login, it asks me to login but when i use the credentials i set it just says incorrect login. I am not sure how to reset the admin user or login, i have tried the ampinstmgr & reset login but it doesnt work, just says incorrect login?? can someone please help me?

Mike posted this 29 September 2021

What command are you using exactly to reset the login? Also as a sanity check, use a plain alphanumeric password when entering it on a console.