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Cant update Valheim (new instance)

  • Last Post 18 March 2021
rabarber posted this 18 March 2021

Im trying to start a new instance of Valheim and i cant download the application. I get this log output.

 [19:18:58] [Core Info]            : Checking for AMP updates...
[19:18:58] [Core Error]           : IOException
[19:18:58] [Core Error]           : [0] (IOException) : The file '/home/amp/.ampdata/instances/GirlPower/Valheim/' already exists.
[19:18:58] [Core Error]           :   at IO.FileLinkOrCopyFile (String sourceFullPath, String destFullPath)
  at IO.FileMoveFile (String sourceFullPath, String destFullPath)
  at IO.File.Move (String sourceFileName, String destFileName)
  at ModuleShared.Utilities.DownloadFileWithProgressAsync (String url, String filename, ModuleShared.RunningTask task, Boolean autoRemoveTask, String UserAgent, Boolean WithCloudflare)
[19:18:59] [Core Info]            : AMP is up-to-date.

I have tried to delete the Valheim folder but then the log file complains about the missing directory.

I can update the application in a different instance

rabarber posted this 18 March 2021

I think I solved it by comparing the new instances "Generic module.kvp" with an older working instance.

diff ./.ampdata/instances/Ragnark/GenericModule.kvp ./.ampdata/instances/GirlPower/GenericModule.kvp

I found that on line 37 there were differences after App.UpdateSources

Old: "UpdateSource":4 And "UpdateSourceData":"896660"

New: "UpdateSource":1 And "UpdateSourceData":""

So I manually changed the new files data to match the old and that seems to have done the trick. Update is now working.