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Changed IP of Target, Can't connect.

  • Last Post 13 December 2021
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dougvan posted this 13 December 2021

Hi! I had to change the IP of a target instance. After rebooting it, and changing the IP in the controlled for that instance, it failed authentication. I removed it from the controller in case that was the issue but it does not automatically reappear as it did when it was originally installed. How do I force the controller to manage it again?


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Mike posted this 13 December 2021

You shouldn't have removed the target from the controller, it's going to need reconfiguring again:

on the controller: ampinstmgr repairauth controller http://IP:8080 (Replacing the URL with the URL of the controller) on the target(s): ampinstmgr repairauth target http://IP:8080 again, replacing the URL with the URL for the controller.

Then on the target(s) - under Configuration -> New Instance Defaults select 'Re-run Setup' and go through the registration process again for the target.

dougvan posted this 13 December 2021

Awesome. That fixed it. Thank you very much =)