-Windows 10 Pro 21h1 (19043.1320) -AMP On Windows ver.

So me and My friend set up a Satisfactory Server, it works fine. The only problem ist that we wan´t to connect with more than 4 players. We´ve searched up everything on google and there´s always this folder: FactoryGame /Saved /Config /WindowsServer and in this folder the Game.ini.. The problem is: I don´t find the file, it´s not on the whole computer. In the folder Config is only another subfolder named CrashReportClient. So my question is: Is there even a way to change the maxplayers on a dedicated server or isn´t that even a thing?

If you know, please let me know how to change my MaxPlaxers. L.G. Jannick M.

(I´m sorry for my bad english. I´m German :D)