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: Couldn't activate: The URI prefix is not recognized (arm64v8)

  • Last Post 06 September 2020
nhardy posted this 06 September 2020

OS Name: Ubuntu Minimal (Docker) / arm64v8

Product Name/Version: AMP version (Lapetus), built 27/04/2020 16:38, MinecraftModule version

Problem Description:

I am trying to run AMP inside Docker on an AWS ECS Cluster of m6g instance(s) (arm64v8 processor architecture).

When attempting to launch the Minecraft instance with ampinstmgr StartInstance MinecraftInstance, I am seeing the following error: [Core Error] : Couldn't activate: The URI prefix is not recognized. which I believe is causing failure in attempting to start the instance.

I also note some some warnings from the Minecraft module:

  • [Minecraft Warning] : Unable to get Spigot version data from Response status code does not indicate success: 403 (Forbidden).
  • [Minecraft Warning] : Failed to get latest forge version data from An exception occurred during a WebClient request.

Full Logs:

I am able to successfully call these URLs with a 200 response code within the docker container, so this may indicate a problem.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I've been building arm64v8 docker images on an x86-64 system with docker buildx on Ubuntu according to these instructions:

  2. Set docker buildx as the default builder:

  3. Using Dockerfile: (shell scripts can be ignored for reproducing)

  4. docker buildx build --platform linux/arm64 --load --tag aws-minecraft:latest

  5. docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/bash aws-minecraft:latest (this will run locally on an x86 system, but I was seeing the same issue on a real ARM machine (which I've included the logs for above)

  6. ampinstmgr CreateInstance Minecraft MinecraftInstance 8080 LICENSE_KEY admin changeme123 (with real LICENSE_KEY)

  7. ampinstmgr StartInstance MinecraftInstance (instance fails to start)

  8. ampinstmgr LastLogs MinecraftInstance (note the error in logs)

Actions taken to resolve so far:

I've run into a number of issues so far, most notably was an issue with mono for the default version included in the Ubuntu base docker image. I manually install the latest version of mono in the Dockerfile which resolved that issue.

I have verified that I can call the endpoints listing in warnings successfully (200) inside the container with wget.

Mike posted this 06 September 2020

AMP does not function properly on ARM64 right now and support for it has been suspended until later this year. Also mono should not be installed at all.