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CPU and Ram usage not displaying

  • Last Post 10 December 2021
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DJRastiQ posted this 10 December 2021

Hello, I'm running my McMyAdmin Professional on my Windows server (Intel core Pentium, 8GB ram). When I can see on my computer, that my server is using around 4GB of RAM and 74% of CPU. But in McMyAdmin administration nothing shows up. CPU shows 0% and Ram 6/5120MB. How can I enable/resolve that the stats are not showing up please.

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Mike posted this 10 December 2021

McMyAdmin is no longer being supported, you should use AMP instead (Hence the massive orange banner on the McMyAdmin site). An existing McMyAdmin Pro is usable with AMP - or if you purchased McMyAdmin recently you can request for the licence to be traded-in for the equivalent AMP licence.

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DJRastiQ posted this 10 December 2021

Okay, I was just scared to move to new platform, so I bought the old-known mcmyadmin pro 2 recently. Okay, I take that as a answer, thank you :)

Mike posted this 10 December 2021

If you send an email to I can get the licence moved over for you :) AMP isn't too dissimilar from McMyAdmin 2 for Minecraft server usage.

DJRastiQ posted this 10 December 2021

Sent :) Thank you!