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Create Instance Failed: When trying to create a new instance of Minecraft Java edition

  • Last Post 18 February 2021
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Liteael posted this 18 February 2021

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu / 20.04.2 LTS Product Name/Version: AMP / Problem Description: Unable to create new Minecraft Instance, using Web GUI

when I look at the console I am seeing the message "Non-managed instances exist, autoconfigure cannot guarentee that the configuration is valid! Create Instance Failed: The specified IP address could not be found on this machine. Please check that it shows up when you run ip addr."

P.S. It also appears to be a typo in the message?

Actions taken to resolve so far: Restarted computer, updated amp versions

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Mike posted this 18 February 2021

No typos, it's correct - you told AMP to provision instances using an IP address that no longer exists, probably because you're using DHCP rather than a static IP.

Reconfigure ADS so that instances are bound to

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Liteael posted this 18 February 2021

Thank you, that fixed it! I changed the Default AMP IP Binding to it worked immediately. Thank you again!

the typo I was referring to was guarentee , which I believe is spelled guarantee?