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Data Binding Failure during e-mail test

  • Last Post 30 July 2017
Archon_SD posted this 28 July 2017

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS up-to-date

Product Name/Version: AMP v1.4.7.2, ADS instance

Problem Description:

I put an e-mail address and custom mail server on my ADS Instance and when I selected 'test settings' I got the following error in the GUI:

Data Binding Failure
Client-side databinding failed. This usually means there's a bug in AMP or a loaded plugin.

Advanced Details 
TypeError: Unable to get property 'Test' of undefined or null reference

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into the ADS Instance
  2. Select "Configuration"
  3. Select "SMTP Settings"
  4. Select "Use SSL" checkbox
  5. Enter server fqdn and port.

    .. I used 465 with my custom hosting provider.

  6. Enter legit username, password and 'from' e-mail for an existing e-mail address.

    .. In my case the username and password do not match the 'from' address, but both are legit e-mail addresses from the same domain.

  7. Select "Test Settings" button and watch for fireworks.

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Mike posted this 28 July 2017

It's a known issue.

marellan posted this 30 July 2017

To test, just configure a trigger to fire off the email event every minute or so. :)