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Differences between McMyAdmin & AMP?

  • Last Post 19 September 2017
ringmany posted this 19 September 2017


I was wondering what the main differences were between McMyAdmin 2 & AMP.

I've installed the free version of McMyAdmin2 on my server and had a play around. I like it and it's got a nice, slick design, easy to setup and control. There isn't a trial version of AMP and I haven't found many screenshots or videos of the control panel, so I'm uncertain what the main features are.

Also, on the main site it states "Buy McMyAdmin 2 and get immediate McMyAdmin 3 Beta Access!" I'm assuming that McMyAdmin 3 is another term for AMP? How do the licenses work? If I buy the pro license for McMyAdmin 2, then I also get a copy of the Beta version of AMP, but if I buy AMP, I only get the copy of AMP and not McMyAdmin 2 pro?

Do you have any additional screenshots or a demo of the control panel for AMP, or is it essentially the same layout and options as McMyAdmin 2 for the Minecraft side of things, but the supports additional games to?

Most of the forums I found comparing the 2 were from a year ago, which weren't in favour of AMP as it had a lot of bugs, which I assume may have changed with over a year of development.

Are you able to provide any further comparisons between the 2, or screenshots of the AMP control panel for Minecraft?

Thanks :)

Mike posted this 19 September 2017

So AMP unlike MCMA2 handles lots of different games, as you've noticed.

AMP has a number of modules for handling games. The Minecraft module inside AMP is called McMyAdmin 3. It's a tad confusing I know, it's solely a way for MCMA2 users to have an upgrade path without having to spend extra money.

So buying a MCMA2 licence allows you to use MCMA2 (mature and stable), and AMP but restricted to just the Minecraft module (AKA McMyAdmin 3)

AMP licences are cheaper as AMP is constantly in development and changes much more frequently. Also because there's no free trial of AMP so a cheaper price makes it less of a risk.

Visually AMP looks pretty similar to MCMA2 just a lot nicer and more refined with a responsive design so it works on your phone too.