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Error Unhandled Exception thrown on AMP Controller

  • Last Post 03 December 2020
  • Topic Is Solved posted this 02 December 2020

Debian 10 running on KVM
AMP Release "Europa"
v2.0.8.6, built 23/11/2020 19:36
After countless errors my amp controller creashes
Turn on the machine, press on instance multiple times refresh the page go to instances and after a while it      will crash
I have tried reinstalling it on 2 machines but sadly i am getting same error on both.

21:08:50] [ErrorReporter Error] : Unhandled Exception: This will be automatically reported to the AMP developers. [21:08:50] [ErrorReporter Error] : [Error] --- Begin Exception Data --- [Error] OS: Linux (x8664/QEMUKVM) [Error] Module: ADSModule, Version: AMP [Error] Release spec: Release - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV [Error] Instance ID: 76b4c987-43c1-47a5-8f2b-5f112ebe938d [Error] AutoMapperMappingException [Error] [0] (AutoMapperMappingException) : Error mapping types.

Mapping types: IEnumerable1 -> IEnumerable1 System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable1[[InstanceManagerPlugin.AMPInstanceBase, InstanceManagerPlugin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]] -> System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable1[[InstanceManagerPlugin.InstanceSummary, InstanceManagerPlugin, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]] [Error] at InstanceManagerPlugin.InstanceSummary.UpdateFrom (Collections.Generic.IEnumerable1[T] Source, Collections.Generic.IEnumerable1[T] Destination) at ADSModule.RemoteADSController.UpdateRemoteInstancesList (ADSModule.RemoteADSInstance Instance) at ADSModule.RemoteADSController.UpdateSingle (Guid Id) [Error] InvalidOperationException [Error] [1] (InvalidOperationException) : Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. [Error] at Collections.Generic.List1+Enumerator[T].MoveNextRare () at Collections.Generic.List1+Enumerator[T].MoveNext () [Error] --- End Exception Data ---

in second log file this issue did not happen but it has stopped without sending an error report: [21:45:00] [APIService:Anonymous Warning] : Access denied: You do not have permission to use this method (ADSModule.GetInstances) at this time. This method requires the Session.LoggedIn permission. (Origin:

Controller at Nginx with SSL, Other servers pointing to it. this happens with > 2 Nodes connected to it.

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Mike posted this 02 December 2020

Are your targets also up to date? posted this 03 December 2020

Yes they're all up to date, updated & upgraded debian 10. the Crash became less frequent but it still happens when creating instances on the Nodes.

Mike posted this 03 December 2020

I shall look into it when I'm back working on Monday (hopefully)

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