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Error while trying to create new instance

  • Last Post 10 December 2021
Joseph posted this 08 December 2021

I'm not positive if the issue I'm having is with my server setup or the software. Hoping someone can shed some light on what's going on and point me in the right direction. This is after I was successfully running a server for awhile and had it shut off for a few months over the start of the school year, and trying to create a new instance to run vanilla java minecraft on.

system is running debian 10 on 16 gigs of ram and an i5-8600k.

The shows as follows

:Joseph14:20:53 Failed to unpack AMP. HttpRequestException [0] (HttpRequestException) : Network is unreachable at InstanceManagerPlugin.LocalInstanceManager.DownloadAndUnpack (InstanceManagerPlugin.LocalAMPInstance Spec, Boolean SkipCache) SocketException [1] (SocketException) : Network is unreachable Create Instance Failed: The core archive failed to download or unpack

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Mike posted this 08 December 2021

Try deleting the AMPCache files in ~/.ampdata and trying again. Also double check the network connection is working.

Joseph posted this 10 December 2021

I deleted what I found in the directory, had some trouble connecting to the IP after that. Decided to re-run the installer for the AMP instance manager on my server machine. My original instance no longer appears in the web interface, but the files and backups are still stored in the instances directory, so no issues there, just made sure to take an external backup on cloud storage to make sure I wouldn't lose anything. Not positive what fixed it, but I'm no longer getting the error. So hopefully that's that.