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Event trigger when exp gain (7 days to die)

  • Last Post 09 April 2021
vsauler posted this 09 April 2021

How could I trigger an event when a player gain exp?

Could I custom the event triggers in some way?

The OS you're using and its version

  • Linux Server 4.19.180-1-MANJARO

The name and version of the Cubecoders product you are using. Make sure to specify the actual version, and not just that it's the 'latest' version.


A description of the issue you are having.

  • I'm willing to have a trigger (or a bunch of) which can trigger on (different) events, such as an exp gain (or similar).

Steps to reproduce the issue (for bugs in particular)

  • There's no option in trigger's menu

What you have tried so far to resolve the issue and what happened.

  • I've been struggling with terminal commands such as expect and awk to get more or less what I wanted, but it stucks on some kind of simple solution, and it doesn't fit on AMP application, so it'd be great to have it integrated on AMP.

A paste of any relevant output from the log file for a given AMP instance (where applicable). For AMP, which application module you're using.

  • N/A

Thanks in advance

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Mike posted this 09 April 2021

Does the server output to the log when a player gains xp?

vsauler posted this 09 April 2021 I see. Sounds like it's the server itself who's not giving enough information to create triggers for it...Ok.

So maybe best thing is to complain in 7 days to die developers itselfs rather than yours.

My bad :|

As for other custom triggers, is there any possibility? Now reviewing the logs the server is not verbosing much info but maybe there is a way of automate things to watch for specific string and do something later? I'll cry to 7dtd forums too BTW...