Hey guys so i recently purchased a Lenovo think server (8 cores, 32gb of RAM) i installed Ubuntu linux server on it, and then installed amp on it using root access. I logged into the GUI from another computer, put in my license key and everything worked great! and so far i love AMP. However, i created two minecraft instances, by default it made one on port 25565 and then the second is port 25566, when i use my computer i can connect to these separately and they work great! however, from the outside only the first server (25565) works, its almost like the second server isnt accepting external traffic, i know networking well and actually have all rackmounted commercial equipment and i know my ports have been opened correctly, i also tried opening 8080 to access the GUI remotely as a test, but this also didnt work, i think there is something configured incorrectly in my AMP GUI but im not sure what it is, can someone please help?