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Handful of suggestions from a huge fan.

  • Last Post 07 October 2020
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Cam3n posted this 07 October 2020

On the whole I think AMP is fantastic and the answer I was looking for. I do, however, have a few suggestions to make it amazing. Most of these items appear to be left out by design or development resource (as opposed to bugs), but I could be wrong:

  1. The ability for us to create Role templates for instances, to be applied automatically if we wish, whenever an instance is created. This would save a LOT of manual work recreating Role permissions across instances.

  2. This one seems like a bug, but I'm putting it here. When a user is viewed under a new instance, their email address is empty. Please have the email address from the main instance carry over to game instances.

  3. Same as above, but for mail settings. It would be fantastic to have the option to have new game instances inherit SMTP settings from the main.

  4. Add the option of associating and displaying URLs with IPs. For example, the game instance IPs show an internal IP if we are NAT'd. It would be fantastic, for example, to show the actual public url and port for the minecraft server, instead of an IP:Port that would only be accessible within the private network. For now, I'm using the Description field to manually populate that information as a workaround.

  5. The ability to select and delete all files in the File Manager. It's a bit frustrating when we want to remove and re-upload an entire mincraft server to have to click on and select delete for each file and folder. Sure, you can use an FTP client, but doing that for this one feature seems entirely unnecessary.

  6. Along the lines of above. A separate option to backup, download and reset a Minecraft server (backup and delete the files/folders) all in one workflow would be a nice touch.

  7. The ability to delete a game instance within the web interface without having to login to the server and do in from the manager would be very helpful.

  8. The ability to automatically add firewall exceptions for game endpoints. It doesn't happen in Windows.

  9. The ability to trial the software before buying a license. If there is an option for that then it is well hidden. I almost didn't bother at all with AMP because I really wasn't sure if it did half the things I needed it to do. I'm really glad I took the leap and purchased a license, but I almost didn't and we would have all lost out.

Probably enough for now. Thanks for listening.

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Cam3n posted this 07 October 2020

Thanks for the fast response and great answers. I wrote out this whole response, but it wouldn't let me post it.

Mike posted this 07 October 2020

  1. This already exists, but this feature is not available in AMP Pro. See - Shared Roles behave the same on all instances to which they apply.

  2. That is kind of odd actually. This will be logged as it should be consistent.

  3. You can do this via 'new instance defaults' to control what settings apply by default.

  4. This already exists but is only exposed to billing platforms. The description field is indeed the recommended solution for nano-scale setups to keep track of the actual endpoints behind a NAT.

  5. This is planned (the ability to select multiple files and perform operations), but SFTP will remain the recommended method of any kind of bulk operations.

  6. The backup system handles this, although for the time being we don't perform the automatic deletion.

  7. Right click the instance.

  8. Not possible on Windows at this time due to the permissions required and the limitations of the Windows service model. On Linux this isn't an issue and AMP does provide automatic firewall management on Linux. Linux is always the recommended platform for AMP where possible.

  9. We do plan to offer a very limited 'personal' edition at some point in the future with a handful of features disabled, but it's not on the immediate horizon. AMP is priced very low so that it's not a significant risk for users. (It's pretty rare to see $10 software with a trial!)