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Has anyone got an Unturned (Steam) Server to work with AMP?

  • Last Post 16 February 2021
cableguyp posted this 11 December 2019

I am wanting to setup an Unturned server with the amp console functionality. Currently I am running it off of my AMP server PC but with the install files on another user. I followed the guide here

On AMP there isn't any default configuration for an Unturned server but for TF2 and CS:GO/Source so I know that Steam server are possible. I see that there is a Generic server option so I'm assuming I need to use that preset.

My main question here is how would I go about installing the Unturned server to a Generic instance in AMP? I would need to follow that github guide as it's the one released by the game developers but I'm not entirely sure on how to get it on the AMP instance in the first place.

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Dymas_CZ posted this 16 February 2021

Would it be possible to to share the module definition and a guide on how to setup Rocket and connect it to the generic module?

Greelan posted this 11 March 2020

I've just written a Generic module template that works mostly perfectly with Unturned (at least on Linux; haven't tested Windows yet). The only thing I can't get to work atm is console input (console output is fine).

I am using RocketMod to provide telnet RCON functionality. I've specified the port, method and password in the GenericModule.kvp, but commands at the AMP console just refuse to work.

I can though separately connect to the RCON port via telnet, and execute commands from there. Those commands then show up in the AMP console.

I wonder whether the inability to connect via RCON in the AMP console has to do with how RocketMod requires logging in. To connect to RCON, after telnetting you have to type "login [password]" (no quotes or square brackets). Is that how AMP authenticates to RCON, and if not is there a way I can configure the template to achieve the outcome (assuming the RCON login is indeed the issue).

For completeness I note that console output works fine whether or not RCON is used. I see all startup commands in the AMP console and also eg when users join and leave and chat (and therefore the user regex in the module template also works fine).

BTW, on a different issue, is there a typo in the standard generic module template? App.ApplicatonPort1 and App.ApplicatonPort2 are missing an “i” in Application. Should they be?

Mike posted this 11 December 2019

Can't be done, or rather there would be no point. Unturned has no console, no RCON, no way to communicate with the server in any way. So nothing for AMP to work with.

TF2 and CS:GO are not "steam" servers they are "srcds" servers. Unturned is not based on srcds.

You may be able to use the Generic module, but AMP will not be able to do anything with it. No monitoring, no status updates, nada. The developers would need to add RCON/STDIO support first.