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Help! Theres no server directory!

  • Last Post 31 October 2019
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Baguette_boi posted this 23 October 2019

for my 1.13.2 mcmyadmin server in file manager there is no server directory, and I really wanna add worldedit. Thing is I was told by some other forum to download mcmyadmin 2 , when setting it up I think I did something wrong because the web ip was now different. This time I gave them a file directory and then it was there! But now anytime I joined my server it wasnt there and in all I think the mcmyadmin 2 was actually a different server? Idk I probably just need info on how to add a directory to mcmyadmin

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Mike posted this 23 October 2019

Sounds like you installed McMyAdmin on your own computer rather than installing it on your server?

Baguette_boi posted this 30 October 2019

I dont have a server hosts it

Mike posted this 31 October 2019

Then you need to talk to

Baguette_boi posted this 31 October 2019