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help with starting Minecraft server Forge version 39

  • Last Post 30 January 2022
madwills posted this 14 December 2021

Not sure if this is new to Forge version 39, but the folder structure has seemed to change from what I'm used to. the ".jar"s are no longer stored in the main folder but in the library folders. Is there any way to get Amp to locate the jars? or is it possible to have amp run the run.bat to start the server?

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Mike posted this 15 December 2021

Just tell AMP to use forge and pick the version and it'll figure it all out for you.

madwills posted this 15 December 2021

I'm running the nightly build from yesterday and when I select Forge it only shows versions up to 38.0.17, and then when I scan for jar's it doesn't find any because they aren't in the main folder

ncall87 posted this 30 January 2022

I'm running into what seems like the same issue while installing 39.0.63. First time running forge, and forge on AMP so unsure of how its supposed to work since it does not place a jar in the root directory like I'm used to. Does AMP launch it via the SH or BAT files like I would via Windows or some arguments I need to throw in there to specify some jar in the libraries sub directory?

ncall87 posted this 30 January 2022

Well, just did an apt update and now it seems to be working. Should have covered all my bases before posting.