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How do I access the API of instances other than ADSInstance through the web?

  • Last Post 29 October 2020
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Senth posted this 29 October 2020

The problem

I want to access the API of one of my Minecraft instances to send console commands to it. If my domain is I can access the API of the ADS instance with

I've successfully logged in to the API and tried a bunch of functions, but I don't really know how to access the Minecraft API.

What I've tried

My last option would be to set up another subdomain ( to access the Minecraft instance directly.


Is there any simple way I've missed to access the API of other instances?

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Mike posted this 29 October 2020

It's a slightly ungainly URL but it comes out as:

Where that GUID is to be replaced with the GUID for that instance ID.

You'll also need to login at that particular instance too using the same method.

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Senth posted this 29 October 2020

Thank you! 🙂

This was exactly what I was looking for. I added a rewrite rule in nginx rule to make it a bit simpler to access

rewrite ^/FriendlyInstanceName/API(.*)$ /API/ADSModule/Servers/INSTANCE_GUID/API$1 permanent;