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How do I reboot/restart AMP?

  • Last Post 16 January 2022
x1118 posted this 02 January 2021

Windows 10 Version 20h2 OS build 19042.685 x64

AMP version think)

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I have created a minecraft server for my friends and I to play on and I didnt know that I had to install git to get spigot. So I installed git and the page told me to restart AMP so I restarted my computer. Once restarted I tried to install spigot again and it gave the same message "Download / Update failed : Git is not installed or is not available in PATH." So I thought there was another way to restart AMP but the way I was thinking got me scared to restart it because it felt like I might break AMP and lose my server progress. The way I was thinking was going to task manager and ending both AMP Core Runtime and AMP Service Handler then running them again. Please help.

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Mike posted this 02 January 2021

Reboot in the case of Windows.

x1118 posted this 02 January 2021

I have rebooted windows and now the minecraft server is not allowing me to manage it. It gives the this message in the console "ADS logged stopped instance Friends - exit code -1."

Mike posted this 04 January 2021

Check that instances logs.

Tarun posted this 16 January 2022

Reboot in the case of Windows.

There should be another, better way than having to reboot the entire OS. Has one since made it's debut since this thread last year?

Mike posted this 16 January 2022

You can restart AMP by either clicking the restart option in the support tab, or by running ampinstmgr restartall - the 'reboot' advice was specific to his situation.

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