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How do i set up satisfactory server?

  • Last Post 28 October 2021
jdseddy posted this 28 October 2021

I purchased a license for AMP and got to the browser portion where i can add an instance. I added a satisfactory instance, updated it, and what now? how do i connect? do i need another software on my pc for the server or is that it? I have never touched anything like this and usually just ran servers the conventional way like how you do in Minecraft.

After the instance says "running" i have the option to stop it, update it, and connect to it. i click connect and it brings up a prompt in steam but steam says its not responding. What am i doing wrong?

Mike posted this 28 October 2021

You need the experimental branch of the game to connect to servers. In game you open the server manager where you can add the server by its IP and port.