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How to configure SSL in AMPConfig.conf?

  • Last Post 02 October 2018
  • Topic Is Solved
sadasdasdasd posted this 02 October 2018

I created a instance with the McMyAdmin Module on a Ubuntu 18.04.1 root server.

Everything is working fine, but I don`t know how to enable SSL for the Web-Interface of this instance. In my AMPConfig.conf i saw the lines:

Webserver.CertificatePath= Webserver.CertificateSerial= Webserver.CertificatePassword=

Do these lines activate SSL in the Web-Interface with a proper SSL certificate? Which certificate do I have to use (.pem/.pfx/...)?

Mike posted this 02 October 2018

It requires a pfx certificate with a passphrase. The serial setting is used on Windows systems to pull the certificate from the system store.

Edit: See this wiki article instead: