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How to reactivate instances in a docker environment?

  • Last Post 06 September 2020
dockerist posted this 13 July 2020

I'm using AMP with the official docker container from cubecoders. I've noticed something what I can't solve easily. I've setup two instances in AMP and they run fine with my license key. But whenever I need to restart the docker all instances show as inactive. the logs show:

No valid AMP licence was found. Please run `ampinstmgr reactivate Minecraft01` to reactivate this instance.

so far so good, so let's reactivate the instances by ssh-ing into the container shell, change user to amp and try:

ampinstmgr stop ADS

but then the whole container stops and I can't access shell anymore, you can only start over and start the container again, but you end up in the same situation.

Any ideas how to reactivate the instances? Or what makes AMP think that there's no valid license after a container restart in the first place? Is it a bug?

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Mike posted this 14 July 2020

Turn on the option in ADS to reactivate instances. You need to give the container a fixed MAC address or AMP will deactivate itself and throw away its encryption keys.

dockerist posted this 14 July 2020

Well, this option is enabled. Still no dice. The keys are lost.

Mike posted this 14 July 2020

You'll need to reenter the key in the configuration as it won't be able to decrypt the licence key any more.

nhardy posted this 06 September 2020

Know this is a late post, but you can automate this in Docker with:

ampinstmgr ReactivateInstance $INSTANCE_NAME $AMP_LICENSE_KEY