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How to run multiple Minecraft Instances at the same time

  • Last Post 19 January 2021
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Bobdibildur123 posted this 16 January 2021

Hey I'm trying to run 2 Minecraft servers at the same time. I don't know whether you can do this but when I try to run the second it just closes right after starting it. I am running both servers on different Ports.

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Mike posted this 17 January 2021

Nothing special is required, if it's stopping immediately then check it's logs.

Cardy posted this 17 January 2021

I'm not sure if this is related but I had the exact same issue with the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The problem in my case is that when is generated it defaults the port for the ipv6 settings to 19133


The problem is this happens on the second server too and they can't share ports so the second server refuses to start as the ports already in use.

A workaround is to edit the line above in the file and change the number to another unused port (in my case I just set it to 19233) then start the server again.

Just be aware that if you restart the instance I believe the file gets re-written. I have reported the issue so hopefully it will get addressed at some point.


Mike posted this 17 January 2021

Ah you didn't specify it was Bedrock Edition, this is a known issue that is being looked at. :)

Bobdibildur123 posted this 19 January 2021

Mine was java not bedrock but I fixed the problem by creating a new instance which worked with the instance that I cared more about anyway. So thanks for the help