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HTTPS not working for new instances

  • Last Post 02 January 2021
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Strivvi posted this 02 January 2021

I installed AMP on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS via the command as stated on the website. I continued to follow the instructions and entered a subdomain of mine for certbot. Now HTTPS works but i cannot reach instances on other ports like 8081 or 8082 with HTTPS. They only work with HTTP. I need this to work so users of the instances can login securely. I hope you can help me to understand this issue and fix this. Or is there another way to purely login to an instance?

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Mike posted this 02 January 2021

Right click an instance -> Select "Manage in new tab"

Instances should be bound to specifically so that you cannot access them directly. ADS handles everything else.

Strivvi posted this 02 January 2021

Thank you!