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Idea for the mobile version

  • Last Post 06 June 2020
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Rebeqt posted this 03 June 2020


I would prefer to change the startup notification inside the Mobile Version to a different position. For now if you start a Server a Notification bar is placed at the Bottom of your Mobile Device Screen. If so you can’t abored the start because you can not see the aborted Icon.

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First of all its one of the best functions. If you edit a file with your mobile device you can not scroll down. Could you please include a function to have a scroll bar inside of it? This would be awesome.


How can I open inside the Console the Player navigation bar from my mobile device?

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edgi posted this 06 June 2020

I also tried. editing text files on a mobile device is not very convenient. The cursor constantly jumps to the beginning of the file and does not go down and it is not possible to scroll.

Mike posted this 04 June 2020

The file editor may actually have to be removed from the Mobile version, there are no code editor libraries that I can find that expressly support mobiles (most of them straight up say they don't support it). In such cases I'd recommend setting up FTP and using an on-device file editor.

The player list doesn't exist on Mobile (for now) - however you can tap on a players name wherever it appears in the chat to bring up their page.