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Instances - adding virtual directories with key/value to expose hidden folder.

  • Last Post 10 November 2021
bradgillap posted this 06 November 2021


Great app, been using it since the mc days. Just need some clarity. Running under debian.

If I wanted to add my satisfactory save game folder to be listed under the file browser. Would it be something like this? Does it require I restart amp to see the changes? Just the instance or the entire amp service.

Key: VirtualFoldername

Value: /home/amp/.config/Epic/FactoryGame/Saved/SaveGames/server

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bradgillap posted this 10 November 2021

Works great, thanks again.

Mike posted this 10 November 2021

Disable direct mode transfers, or use SFTP.

bradgillap posted this 10 November 2021

Thanks Mike it works well enough to display the directory. Can't download files from the virtual directory as it says page not found. Is this expected behavior for virtual directory that's hidden like the reference above or is there something else I can check?

Is it just a matter of changing permissions on the files maybe?

Mike posted this 06 November 2021

That's correct, and yes you need to restart the instance.