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Is it possible to create a multiline discord message with the discord webhook even in scheduling?

  • Last Post 19 September 2021
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king_ultron99 posted this 11 September 2021

As the title states, i want to know if it is possible to send a multiline message through a webhook using the discord message event. i have attempted the use of \n within the line, but to no avail. is there another way i'm not aware of or is it not possible to send multiple lines?

An example use for such thing would be for sending a message event to a discord channel when a backup has started, which would look like the following

Started a backup!

filename: filename

time: time

hopefully what I'm trying to convey is somewhat clear.


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maggi373 posted this 15 September 2021

i got this to work for two years or so but then it stopped working 19th march this year. Haven't been able to get it working again, suspecting it might me amp since all of our other webhooks works. Yes we had several lines like you are asking for but we used several messages posted right after each other to give an illusion of an combined message

king_ultron99 posted this 19 September 2021

ah righto. thanks!