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Issues with Rust server

  • Last Post 02 March 2020
Lazarix posted this 01 March 2020

AMP Release "Lapetus" v1.9.6.2, built 27/02/2020 20:47

Several issues here while setting up a Rust server for the first time in a while using Amp. It took me the best part of the entire weekend to work through all of these issues and manually get a server up on the command line.

I Still can't use AMP to create a working server.

Ubuntu 18.04 Server

Issue 1: Problem with specifying server.level: +server.level Procedural Map

However, possibly because this isn't wrapped in quotes (or the fact that it's specified at all) means that the server level gets stuck in bootstrap, and never loads OR generates.

Solution: Removing +server.level when having "Procedural Map" specified, should solve the problem.

Issue 2: Problem with specifying server.description +server.description Oh Hello There

When server.description is loaded in the command line, because the description text is not wrapped in quotes, it tries to load each word as a description, or only takes the first word.

Solution: Detect whether a user is wrapping their description in quotes or not, and wrap them, or update the gui to tell people to wrap the description in quotes.

Issue 3: UMod file permissions When UMod is installed, the permissions are set differently to all other dlls in the same folder. Possibly 500, 600, or 633 (I forget). I had to set them to 755 manually for it to work. Solution: Set the file permissions correctly when installing UMod

Issue 4: Logging When starting the server and looking at the console, only server updates (when you select update, or update before start) is written. The server console messages themselves (% map loaded, % navmesh generated, or any other server startup messages) are not written at all by the RustDedicated process.

Solution: Please redirect the output of logging from RustDedicated to the console portion of AMP.

Mike posted this 02 March 2020

RustDedicated doesn't always produce standard output, so AMP relies on RCON to connect to it and get console output which is why it can't see anything prior to the server starting up.

Something is going up with your settings though, because AMP wraps all rust arguments up in quotes using +key "Value"

Please place AMP into diagnostics mode and check what it's actually running: - you can tell it to produce startup scripts as well as enable logging to see exactly what it's doing.