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Linux StarBound instance won't start SB server

  • Last Post 17 July 2017
merphle posted this 16 July 2017

I believe the AMP instance is using the wrong working directory when starting StarBound on Linux.

[22:25:59] [StarBoundModule:Core Debug] : Checking for installation at ./starbound/211820/linux/starbound_server...
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Starting process ./starbound/211820/linux/starbound_server
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Working Directory: ./starbound/211820
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Arguments: 
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Started process with ID 28848
[Error] Fatal Exception caught: (StarException) Could not perform initial Root load

If I manually cd to ./starbound/211820/linux and run ./starbound_server, it starts fine. The error it complains about is that sbinit.config can not be found, and that file is in the linux directory, at the same level as starbound_server.

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merphle posted this 17 July 2017

Wonderful news. Thank you!

Mike posted this 17 July 2017

Of course

merphle posted this 17 July 2017

Thanks, Mike. Are there plans to fix it in AMP, so that future StarBound server updates don't break this workaround?

Mike posted this 16 July 2017

It's a known bug, there's a fairly simple workaround here: