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Logging in user 'SteamUser' to Steam Public...FAILED (Invalid Password) - 2FA?

  • Last Post 04 January 2022
lordnex posted this 04 January 2022

Self Hosted

Latest Ubuntu Server LTS 20.4

Latest version of AMP

I'm trying to build an Arma 3 instance and I own the game in steam. When I created the instance it asked me for my steam user id and pass which I gave it. I received the above error. My guess would be the 2FA might be hanging it up. Is this the case or can I still use 2FA on Steam with AMP?

Mike posted this 04 January 2022

There's a known bug where if your password contains double quotes AMP can't login (its fixed in the Nightly build) - 2FA works fine with Steam+AMP.