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Minecraft backup procedure

  • Last Post 11 August 2021
speedyrazor posted this 08 August 2021

Hi, I have my amp install running on a KVM VM, which is hosting a Minecraft server. What is the correct procedure for backing up all settings, server and world, backing all this up on my NAS, in case the VM crashes, or corrupts?

Kind regards.

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Mike posted this 08 August 2021

Create a schedule trigger for what interval you want it to take backups at, add a task to that trigger to take a backup.

speedyrazor posted this 09 August 2021

Thanks Mike, I see there are 2 places for schedules and backup, main menu and the actual instance. The main menu backup produces a very small zip file and json, where as the instance produces a large 600MB file and json. I would like to know how to download, retrieve these, to back them up externally, so in the event I loose this whole VM, I can 'put them back' and restore them. Is there a procedure I can follow please?

Kind regards.

Mike posted this 11 August 2021

File manager :) Backups Directory. Or connect via SFTP.