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MInecraft FTB

  • Last Post 03 January 2022
joermungandr posted this 03 January 2022

I cant install ftb servers. If I try to start it says Minecraft/minecraft_server.jar missing but its there in the filemanager and i hit update multible times To replicate: New Instance Minecraft Java Edition /Configurate/Server Settings/Server Type FTB New Source /FTB Modpack: OceanBlock(but didnt work with anything else)/Update finish sucessful/Start no errors except the amp popoup mentioned earlier

AbhorrentJoel posted this 03 January 2022

In theory, if [Autoselect] is chosen in the Server Jar selection, it should pick the appropriate jar for the server type. In practice, it seems, you will need to manually choose the forge jar. Otherwise, it will just try to execute the normal Minectaft jar - and in this case, it doesn't exist (it will be called "minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar", and you do not want to execute that for FTB anyway). This may be a bug in AMP, but the solution as a workaround is fine.

And, by the way, some of the FTB modpacks are based on quite old versions of Minecraft, and therefore need older versions of Java to execute. You may need to use as old as Java 8 for some to work.