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Minecraft Mod Pack Valhelsia 3 not launching via AMP

  • Last Post 07 January 2021
MasterShake posted this 06 January 2021

OS Name/Version: Server 2012 R2 Datacentre

Product Name/Version: AMP Europa / Valhelsia 3 (MC 1.16.4) w/ Forge 1.16.4-35.1.29

Problem Description: Starting the server via AMP after configuration causes it to fail with Java uncaughtException:-1 & printStackTrace:-1 but works fine launching it via CMD outside AMP

Steps to reproduce:

Mod pack devs provide the entire minecraft server folder including a copy of Forge & the .jar server executable, but not a file. Launching the server via AMP causes it to fail consistently

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Devs of the mod pack provide a BAT file for the launch, added the Java VM arguments already via AMP and made all the recommended changes to the file inside AMP web panel

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Mike posted this 06 January 2021

Compare AMPs java startup arguments as shown in its Support tab with what the BAT file is doing.

If you edit manually you need to right click it and import it into AMP.

Also make sure you've got the correct version of Java installed.

MasterShake posted this 07 January 2021

Just tested without the startup BAT file outside of AMP and it was successful. Inside AMP with no arguments it still does not launch, I am using Java 8 update 241 for the system version

Running with no args for Java works outside AMP but not inside

I have it configured for the Forge Version in the Minecraft specific config, and the re done through AMP with no changes manually and still experiencing crashes with Java. Would you suggest setting it up with the custom version rather than Forge?

Mike posted this 07 January 2021

Have you compared the startup arguments? Again, look at the support tab. It'll tell you what arguments it fed to Java. You can also put AMP in Debug mode to get more information about what it's doing: