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Minecraft running to fast

  • Last Post 22 July 2017
max2500w posted this 19 July 2017

Hi, i have a problem that i can't figure out, since i allocated more resources to my VMs (virtual machine) running Ubuntu and McMyAdmin, the game runs too fast, The NPCs moves 4x the speed that they use to and the days last 3 min, is there any sittings that can change this? mcmyadmin.conf maybe? or is this a java issue?

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marellan posted this 20 July 2017

This sounds like it may be an issue on the Minecraft server itself. This is definitely the first time I've heard of this and my first guess would be that it's the tick speed and may be plugin related (if the server is not vanilla). Would you mind checking the current tick speed of the server and posting it?

Draxhax posted this 20 July 2017

I'm not certain what version of minecraft you're using, but it honestly sounds like the gamerule randomTickRate has been changed... or it could be done via mod or plugin as marellan said.

TheModdersDen posted this 22 July 2017

This is honestly very odd... I've modded Minecraft and have made servers for it, and have never heard of anything like this. Despite that, as the above two users mentioned, it would appear as if it is a plugin or server related bug. If you are running a Minecraft Forge server, is it possible that this is a mod's intentional doing?

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