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New Minecraft Java instance creation fail

  • Last Post 03 August 2020
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gemm posted this 02 August 2020

I cannot manage new Minecraft instances. Found this statement in an older discussion, that might resolve the problem:

So looks like the Spigot lot are returning a HTTP 403 (Access Denied) when AMP requests the version data as opposed to a browser. I've changed the user agent to get around this.

However I cannot find settings for User agent within AMP. How can this be resolved ?

Error is: "Unable to get Spigot version data from Response status code does not indicate success: 403 (Forbidden)."

Minecraft instance can be created and started, however it cannot be managed. Also I cannot connect to that server instance.

Running aarch64 build on ubuntu LTS 20.04.1, Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB)

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Mike posted this 03 August 2020

Is AMP the latest version? Also what are the actual symptoms? Not being able to fetch spigot data would not affect whether or not you can manage instances.

gemm posted this 03 August 2020

Installed it yesterday from your site by using the installer.

upgraded everything afterwards with

sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade

So it should be the current version. It displays "AMP Release "Lapetus" v1.9.9.0, built 27/04/2020 16:38" in the lower left corner of the webpage.

Mike posted this 03 August 2020

The current AMP version is - you're not on the latest version.

Please see the following guide:

gemm posted this 03 August 2020

That is, what I did. Did it again.

Now I get a message in the lower left corner: A new AMP version is available!

Apparently I cannot upgrade.

Here is whait I did on my Ubuntu system:

sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo apt upgrade ampinstmgr sudo su -l amp ampinstmgr upgradeall ampinstmgr startall

Did I forget anything ? Do I have to add upgrade packages manually ? How ?


Mike posted this 03 August 2020

Empty your browser cache