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New Port of ADS not automatically added to firewall on instance creation

  • Last Post 01 January 2022
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webcraft posted this 01 January 2022

Hello, when I create a new instance at a remote host, all required new ports are opened at the firewall expect the port for the ADS instance. Say I create a Minecraft instance at remote host then port 25565 (game) and 2224 (sftp) are added to firewalld as allowed but port 8081 (ads) isn't which prevents me from managing the instance online.
I don't know whether this is a bug or missconfiguration at my installation but I' experiencing this at all new and installations.

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Mike posted this 01 January 2022

That's by design. You need to make your own rule for this and rig it so that only the controller can connect rather than making those ports accessible to the outside world.

webcraft posted this 01 January 2022

I think I get what you mean. However, I've also limited access from the controller to the target. Is it possible to integrate a hook to run this additional firewall rule (e.g. allow IP 123.456.789.0 at port 8081 in zone customAMP)? Where?