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Port forwarding for Ark: Survival Evolved with crossplay

  • Last Post 17 December 2021
Joseph posted this 13 December 2021

I was recently trying to get a server for Ark: Survival evolved working, it appears to be running fine, but at the moment it won't appear as an option for players outside the local network. I know my router's port forwarding should be working, as I already have a minecraft server running on the same debian 11 server that I plan to run ARK on.

I currently have it set up to forward port 25565 (for minecraft), and ports 7777 and 27015 (which was what was suggested here

?v=o1dcWkSzGd4), Any ideas as to what I might be going wrong with this? do I have to open up any other ports than that for PC and Xbox players to play on the same server?

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Mike posted this 13 December 2021

Right click the instance and click "Edit Ports" - make sure those ports are forwarded.

ThePianoMan2255 posted this 17 December 2021

My issue when setting up ark was that it could not be setup in a docker side IP address. If you are using Linux then it needs to be moved off of your docker IP and onto your local host IP as 192.168.. or your network respectively under RCON and Network. This allowed the ports to be forwarded and everyone could see the server. Opens for both Epic and Steam