When you create a post with a problem, it's important that you include as much information as possible.

If your server is hosted by a managed service provider and you only have access to McMyAdmin/AMP and not the server itself, you should contact your provider for support with any technical issues, but feel free to ask here for questions about how to use our software.

If you've been linked here by another post, please make sure you carefully follow the template below. Not supplying all the requested information will result in delays answering your query.

Please only include one issue per thread.

You should include the following information:

  • The OS you're using and its version
  • The name and version of the Cubecoders product you are using. Make sure to specify the actual version, and not just that it's the 'latest' version.
  • A description of the issue you are having.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue (for bugs in particular)
  • What you have tried so far to resolve the issue and what happened.
  • A paste of any relevant output from the log file for a given AMP instance (where applicable).
  • For AMP, which application module you're using.

We also ask that you pay attention to spelling and grammar, using textspeak will cause you to lose points and your posts will be answered slower.

You may wish to create posts with the following template (Doing so will earn you extra points and cause your post to be answered faster):

OS Name/Version:

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Following this template makes our lives easier, and lets us answer queries faster. It also helps if you add appropriate tags to your post such as which piece of software you're using, what feature you're having problem with, and the OS you're using.

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