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Rust can't get it to work

  • Last Post 11 January 2021
Kwando posted this 10 January 2021

I can't seem to get a rust instance to work. I left it running for a while to see if it needed to start up, but that did not do anything. I started a normal rust dedicated server and it connect me. But a instance in amp doesn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the stock settings.

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Mike posted this 10 January 2021

Not enough information, please see this thread:

Kwando posted this 11 January 2021

I am sorry I should've indeed provided more information.

OS: Windows 10

Version: AMP Release "Europa" v2.0.9, built 04/01/2021 22:03

Instance rust starting the console shows the server started it keeps running

I created a rust instance clicked update and the server started installing the rust dedicated server, as I assume with steamcmd. When it finished I started the server and after waiting about 30 minutes I coudn't connect to my rust server. I tried to connect to my server with the in game console client.connect

I then tried to install a server manualy (not in amp) and tested if I could connect to that one and I could.

this is what the console outputs:



chat.serverlog: "True"


Spawning 33852 entities


done. Enforcing SpawnPopulation Limits


done. Initializing 36946 entity links done. Initializing 291 stability supports done. Initializing 33896 entity save caches done.


SteamServer Initialized


Server startup complete SteamServer Connected


BradleyAPC Spawned at :(-1055.4, 25.9, 296.6)

The log files show nothing interesting besides that it downloaded the files for the server.

Mike posted this 11 January 2021

Are you connecting locally, or from another system?

Kwando posted this 11 January 2021

I have a server and connect to it from my PC. This server is in my house and on the same network as my pc so I use the static local IP I created. I already have a minecraft server running for a couple months now so I know it's not because I can't connect to the server.