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Rust Port Binding Stuck on

  • Last Post 30 August 2019
HumanJHawkins posted this 29 August 2019

I'm new to this software, so this could be something trivial that I just can't find. In any event:

  1. In the AMP ADS instance configuration, I set the default AMP IP Binding to (my server local IP).
  2. I created a new instance of Rust Server, mostly accepting defaults... In the config screen, I gave it a name and description, set max players and save interval, but otherwise left it alone.
  3. I started the instance and watched the console as it set itself up. Clearly the server is running.

With my firewall completely off and running the Rust client from another machine on the local LAN, I am unable to connect to it at I can see in port bindings that 28015 is correct. But I see no way to change the IP Binding, and it did not get the default I set. The IP binding shows as and I see no user interface to change that.

Is it a bug that the default was not honored, or am I misunderstanding?

And, how do I get the port binding correct? Any way to change it?


EDIT 1: I'm running from Windows... Yes... I too prefer Linux, but this machine is available with a bunch of excess CPU to be abused. :-)

EDIT 2: AMP version is v1.8.5.0, built 28/08/2019 20:08.

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Mike posted this 29 August 2019

Unless you have multiple network cards or IP addresses, is the correct IP binding.

HumanJHawkins posted this 30 August 2019

Cool... So it wasn't the address binding. I believe I now understand the reason (maybe) that it didn't connect. But it will take a while to test as I've fouled things up trying to find a solution. This raises other questions, but I'll give them their own threads to help them be more relevant to others.