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RUST Rcon without SSL

  • Last Post 16 December 2021
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asatyr posted this 15 December 2021

Good day, how can i set a custom rcon passwort without using ssl? I´m using the AMP Panel in a privat area (Behind a Loadbalancer) and i can´t get AMP work together with my loadbalancer. so i can´t forward the ports to amp. But all i need to do is setting an rcon password.

Is there an option to disable this "Using this feature requires that you are accessing AMP over HTTPS."?

Best regards asatyr

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Mike posted this 16 December 2021

Afraid not. It's a technical limitation, not an artificial restriction.

asatyr posted this 16 December 2021

Ok then how can i set an rcon password? i tried editing the start file itself but its just ignores all changes. some files even revert to the previeous form.

Mike posted this 16 December 2021

By getting a domain and configuring AMP for HTTPS.

asatyr posted this 16 December 2021

ok that means no rust on amp. shame. you can close this thread