Hey CubeCoders,

i have an very bad Problem... I've tryed für Weeks now to Run an Rust Server.... .

The problem first was, if i install umod then i receve an error that the "Compiler.x86_x64" file was missing.

So i search for this an i found it under "https://umod.org/community/rust/8877-compiler-cant-be-downloaded-on-nfo-host-limitation?page=1#post-1" from Wulf.

So, the server starts succesfully with oxide :) but now..... if the Server runs für round 2 hours it freeze.

The CPU, RAM, and Player hud is still refreshging but the stats are stock. If i watch into the Consol i have no connection to the Server "i have it bevore"

No error in the logs from Rust and the Server is still Running but not reachable.

Please help me:(

"Sorry for my very poor english" ^^

My Host Server

CPU i7 4770 RAM 32 GB DDR3 250GB SSD OS: ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd64