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Scheduled Tasks doesn't work since 1. December

  • Last Post 13 December 2020
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marcel_again posted this 04 December 2020


I'm using AMP with the McMyAdmin 3 Module on two Servers. One with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard and another one with Ubuntu 20.10. Everything worked fine. The Minecraft-Servers are running, scheduled tasks were correct proceeded. 

Since 01.12.2020 (one day ago on 30.11. everything worked correctly) it doesn't run any scheduled task. No Backup, no restart of the Minecraft-Server and no error message why this doesn't happen. The Scheduled months are including December and all days within.

Nothing was changed at this Time. AMP were still running on v2.0.8.0, so I've updated it to the current Europe-Release v. Of course including all instances. 

A reboot of both OS doesn't change anything on that problem. But I don't think it's an OS-Problem because it's the same problem on Windows and Ubuntu (Linux).

Any Ideas what's could the Problem or how to fix it?

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Mike posted this 04 December 2020

Known issue, going to be working on it Monday.

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  • marcel_again
marcel_again posted this 04 December 2020

Ah OK, thanks for responding :)

Mike posted this 07 December 2020 Issue is being resolved.

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  • Kazaam
marcel_again posted this 09 December 2020

Thanks :) Do you know when the update will be released?

Mike posted this 11 December 2020

Today. It was in the nightlies yesterday :)

Scott posted this 12 December 2020

Hi Mike,

I downloaded the nighty last night (US time) and my simple schedule of sending an email when a user logs into the server still does not work. I have confirmed SMTP settings are correct and that the mail test comes through.

Thanks, Scott

Mike posted this 12 December 2020

The latest mainline release is verified to have a working schedule.

marcel_again posted this 12 December 2020

I‘ve changed today to the nightly builds and I can confirm that the schedules are working fine for me. AMP restarts the Minecraft Servers and take a Backup on planed times.

Are you sure that you have updated/changed every instance you have?

Scott posted this 13 December 2020

It must be related to active users still now showing up, rather than scheduled tasks. If it doesn't recognize an active user, it won't be triggered by "a player joins the server". I'll try some scheduled tasks that don't relate to user logins.