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Seed issues on Minecraft Java server

  • Last Post 22 December 2020
Minecob posted this 18 December 2020

A while ago I moved my Minecraft world to an AMP server. Two things didn't work very well, which unfortunately I only found out relatively late:

  1. The end/nether was lost or not imported
  2. When I travel outside the discovered map, the generated terrain is completely different, leading to ugly chunk borders

At first I thought that maybe the world generator changed in the meantime, as there have been a few new MC versions since the world was created. But I tested that with an old backup, and that blended just fine when using a new version.

So my guess is that the seed value didn't get imported correctly. If I change the seed in the configuration and test it by generating new chunks, it still doesn't fit, so I guess the seed is only set one time, and the import just overwrote a few chunks and nothing else.

How can I repair this? Can I edit the seed somewhere?

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Mike posted this 18 December 2020

The seed is stored in the world data itself, my guess would be that you're actually using a different server version which may produce different terrain for a given seed compared to another version.

Minecob posted this 19 December 2020

That was my initial idea, but then I tested a backup from a few years ago and the new chunks seemed to generate seamlessly - meaning that the last "breaking" world generator update must have been before I started that world.

So I looked up where the seed is actually stored, and it's a file called level.dat. I found this online editor for Minecraft files and saw that the seed appears in multiple places, and they were all set to 0, while in my original file they were set to the original seed number. So I stopped the server, downloaded the file again, changed the seeds, uploaded the file, started the server, didn't see any change, stopped the server again, downloaded the file again... and the seeds were set to 0.

So essentially now my question is, is AMP doing this, or is it Spigot? I'm using 1.16.4. btw.

Mike posted this 22 December 2020

AMP doesn't touch level.dat.