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larosa360 posted this 21 July 2017

HI all,

I am currently upgrading to AMP from MCMA2 and have started to play with the new functionality. I am first starting out with running my own CS:GO server but I have run into a problem that I cant find any info about on the wiki. AMP cannot find the maps that come pre-installed with the csgo server download.

While under game settings it has the pre-filled map cpwell with Update Maplist and a drop down arrow on the map name field. When I push Update Maplist I do not see an animation and the drop down does not populate with additional maps. However if I put the start map to csitaly it is able to run.

So my question is, is there something I have to do to have that drop down work?

Thank you for your time!

Setup: AMP Ver: AMP Release "TN/SR1" v1.4.7.2, built 2017-05-24 12:05 Host: Ubuntu server 16.04 x64 Module: SRCDS Game: CSGO

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Mike posted this 21 July 2017

It's an autocompleting dropdown. You have to empty out the existing value and start typing to see the available options. Alternatively just treat it as a free-form textbox.

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larosa360 posted this 21 July 2017

Ahh there it is. Thank you Mike for the quick response!