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Suggestion: Ability to Export and Import Schedule/Triggers for Minecraft servers

  • Last Post 14 November 2021
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HockeyDude posted this 13 November 2021

Every time I create a new minecraft server, I have to recreate standard schedule triggers and actions. It would be great if there was a way to export and import triggers and actions.

I create standard triggers to take a backup on a regular basis, send a message to all users when someone joins the server, warn users when the server is going to be stopped, etc.

It would be nice if I could just export from the old server and import to the new one.


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Mike posted this 14 November 2021

You can copy the two JSON files containing the schedule between instances. TimedEvents and ScheduledTasks.json

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HockeyDude posted this 14 November 2021

Thanks! I will give that a try!